Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" took a bow as he exited the stage. That was over a month ago, however the press refuse to let him rest in peace. Ever time you turn on the television there is a story about Michael Joseph Jackson. Unfortunately, as much as people would like to speculate their theories, most of those reporting these stories are simply repeating something that they heard.

Yes, Michael is greatly missed, but he left us a gift that was greater than any story that could ever be told. Michael was a representative of the Creator. Everywhere he went his main mission was to heal the world. He took his mission seriously. No matter what was going on in his life, he never stopped trying to help others less fortunate than himself, experience the richness of life.
In an interview with Oprah, Michael Jackson made this statement, “I just want to be like Jesus.” For Michael this wasn’t just a flight of the moment thought; he lived it, he sang it, he danced it, and he delivered it because he meant it.

For all of the haters out there who want to slander his name, my advice to you is this, “LET THE MAN REST IN PEACE!”

Michael did so much for so many. If you want to pinpoint something about Michael, start with all of the good that he did for us. His ministry will never die. It is bearing fruit every second, every minute and every hour of the day. If you actually took time to do this you wouldn’t have time to focus on his weaknesses because they would appear as mere specks the size of a grain of salt. If you were to die today what would people remember about you? Michael lived his life; it is time for you to live yours. Let it rest. Moreover, let him rest. Michael well done!!!